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Love On Maruba Island

Teri M. Bethel

Category: Fiction 

Available in Paperback & Kindle

Review: I loved the main character...
This is my first book by the author, and I was absolutely stunned. The book draws a clear parallel between real life and fiction. I loved the main character, the author beautifully illustrated the up's and downs we face as humans. I loved the hope and zest for life I found in this book. Spiritually speaking, this book reaffirmed that if you believe, true love is out there- ordained and waiting for you. Trust me, your spirit will be full after reading!
Amazon Customer

The Lucayan Story

Tellis A. Bethel

Category: History 

Available in Paperback & Kindle

Review: A scholar-worthy historical account of the Lucayan peoples and their legacy...

The Lucayan Story is a fascinating anthropological account of the Lucayan people and the inception of the nations of the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands... Richly resourced and beautifully articulated, The Lucayan Story unfolds the ultimately tragic chronology of these largely forgotten peoples, while at the same time places a challenge before the reader to not only consider history, but become, like the Lucayans, ambassadors of peace themselves...

Colleen Aitken

Kingdom Perspective

Kersch Darville

Category: Christian Living

Available in Paperback & Kindle

Review: This book provides a new perspective on what it means to see life through a Kingdom lens...

Kingdom Perspective defines kingdom principles with depth and insight, empowering the believer to make that distinct lifestyle a reality. The author unveils the difference between the value system of God’s Kingdom and the world’s value system, Kingdom living and religious cultures, and the eternal benefits that outweigh our earthly hardships. 

Lucile Stephens Richardson,

Ed. D., Clergy, Author, Curriculum Consultant

Business of Travel and Tourism in the 21st. Century

Angela B. Cleare

Category: Tourism

Available in Paperback

Review:  It is obvious that a great deal of work has gone into this well-written book...

I congratulate and thank Angela Cleare and her contributing partners for this outstanding contribution to travel and tourism literature from a Caribbean perspective.  It is obvious that a great deal of work has gone into this well-written book which covers all the elements of the travel and tourism industry as they relate to the region.  I believe this will be not only an indispensable textbook for teachers and students and a handbook for investors and others directly involved in the industry but also a publication of interest to all of us who are in one way or another affected by the industry.  I am particularly pleased to see the attention paid to ecotourism and the relationship between the industry and the environment. 

Arthur A. Foulkes ,

Former Governor General of The Bahamas

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