Write Better Books…Not Just Bigger Books

Writing better books for publishing

Focus On Quality, Not Size-

Bigger books are not necessarily better books. A good writer focuses on quality, yet employs their smarts when determining the size of their masterpiece. Many first time authors want to strike gold with their first book. In their minds they see themselves authoring a massive 500 page book. This is a sure way to overwhelm yourself. Begin with moderate size books—something that won’t stress you out or take you ten years to complete. Consider a size the reader won’t gasp and run away from at the thought of reading such a large book. Another consideration is the more pages your book has, the more costly it is to print.

Break It Up To Make A Better Book

If you have a lot of content that is making your book very large, then you can divide it in several parts. Depending on the size and its content, you may have a 3 book series. Many of today’s readers are overwhelmed with the thought of reading large books. In our instant society, most readers want to get the gist of the book quickly and move on to the next. Reading a short book and completing it, gives the reader a sense of accomplishment. There is no hard fast rule to go by, however current trends have best selling authors page count at around 260 pages. That's a tremendous drop from previous years which topped the scales in the high 400 page count,

A Marketing Perspective

Value for money is something readers are always considering. If your large book will sell for $15.00 and is considered high for some, then breaking it down to 3 books at $5.00-$7.00 each will give your readers the opportunity to buy the books individually or together. It will also help to hasten the reading as the size is no longer overwhelming. Now that's smart writing; and out of it you really get a better book...and then some.

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