Book Blurb For Search Engine Optimization


Writing Your Blurb For Search Engine Optimization -

When writing your book blurb for search engine optimization have enough of your content to tantalize and draw your readers. Avoid giving a blow-by-blow of your story. In other words, leave out all leanings towards spoilers. Including reviews and testimonials in a blurb for a non-fiction book is acceptable, however, it should not be the sum total of your blurb. By not writing a compelling blurb, many authors as well as book marketers, believe you are hindering your sales. You are essentially not using a great opportunity to share the content of your book in a way that maximizes selling opportunities. If you give too much information, your reader will feel that there is no reason to buy the book.

From a book marketers point of view, your blurb should contain specific keywords to compel readers and propel sales. In this electronic age most books are marketed online so they will need an edge to get optimized for search engines. Writing for the brick and mortar bookshelf market is no longer sufficient in the competitive book writing world. Therefore your blurb should also be a dual marketing tool to ensure you place well in searches.

Competitive Writing – Making Sure Your Blurb is Read

An unfortunate reality is there is a large number of people writing great optimized copy for poorly written books. These outweigh the people who have excellent books with poorly written blurbs. Authors with great content, need to begin writing a great blurb for search engine optimization. This will get their books recognized in Google, Amazon and other search engines. When that happens, you stand a better chance of having your book considered for purchasing.


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