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Dr. Dave Burrows

Author, Conference Speaker, Motivational Teacher and businessman, Dr. Dave Burrows is the senior pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries International.  He was born and raised in The Bahamas. Dr. Burrows grew up as a troubled teenager on the streets of Nassau. He spent his teen years as a rebellious youth involved in the street world of drugs, violence and crime.

Dr. Burrows is a lifetime youth and family specialist and one of the foremost authorities in the world on youth and youth ministry development. He has also served on three occasions as chairman of the Bahamas National Youth Advisory council, a group which advises the Bahamas Government on youth matters.

The Ruffneck Pastor

Through the years Dr. Burrows has revolutionized youth ministry in the Bahamas and many areas of the world through a variety of unconventional programs that have impacted, gangs, drug users, troubled youth as well as everyday young people. His methods and down to earth approach have earned him the nickname “The Ruffneck Pastor”.

Books By Dr. Dave Burows

Dr. Burrows has authored numerous books including The Laws of Good Success, Sex & Dating, Transformational Leadership Lessons, Making the Most of Your Teenage Years, Strategies for Saving the Next Generation, How to Start A Business, The Power of Positive Choices, How to Publish Your Book and Talk to Me. Click on book links for free book previews. Dr. Burrows and his wife Angela have two children, Arri and Davrielle.