Gail Saunders Bahamian Historian

Gail Saunders PhD.

Dr. Gail Saunders is the author of numerous books including her latest, Race and Class in The Colonial Bahamas, 1880-1960. She is presently Scholar-in-Residence at the University of The Bahamas. Dr. Saunders is known and respected for her wealth of knowledge as a pioneer Bahamian archivist at the Department of Archives where she served as director-general of heritage. She is the author and co-author of a number of books which are listed below. Dr. Saunders is the wife of the late Winston Saunders, attorney and playwright.

In addition to locating her vast collection of books on, Dr. Saunders' books can be purchased in Nassau, Bahamas at: Chapter One Bookstore, Buy The Book and Logos Bookstore.

Books By Gail Saunders PhD.

Historic Nassau (Co-authored with Donald Cartwright,) Macmillan Caribbean ( 1979)

Bahamian Loyalist and Their Slaves(Macmillan Caribbean)

Bahamian Society After Emancipation (Ian Randle Publishers 1994).

The Bahamas A Family of Islands, Macmillan Caribbean, 1988, 1993 and 2000.)

Sources of Bahamian History (co-authored with Philip Cash and Shirley Gordon). Macmillan Caribbean (1991)

Social Life in The Bahamas , Rosebud Ltd.(1996)

Islanders in the Stream. A history of the Bahamian People vol. 1 From Aboriginal Times to the End of Slavery (with Michael Craton) 1992.

Islanders in The Stream. A history of The Bahamian People, Vol 2. From The Ending of Slavery to the Twenty-First Century (with Michael Craton) 1998.

Nassau’s Historic Landmarks, 2001. ( co-authored with Linda Huber) 2001, Macmillan Education.

Conflict Controversy and Control. (co-authored with Patrice Williams) Constitutional and Parliamentary Issues in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Bahamas (self-published) 2005.

Historic Bahamas, The Nassau Guardian, 2010.

Slavery in The Bahamas 1648-1838, The Nassau Guardian, 1985, 1990,1995, 2000.

Race and Class in The Colonial Bahamas, 1880-1960, University Press of Florida, 2016.