How To Get Your Book Published

How to get your book published

There is no single way to get your book published, fortunately, writers have publishing options. A writers dream is to have their manuscript picked up by a traditional publishing house. When this happens they can receive a fabulous book deal or even a movie contract. This is really a dream come true. However, it is not generally the norm, unless you are already a well-known, fabulous writer.

Literary Agents Can Get Your Book Published

There are of course Agents who work on your behalf to get your book in the publishing houses. If you are a new, or  an independent author, that process can be a long and trying road. More often than not, unless you are a well known person, you are not the best consideration. What will help you though, is if you already have a following or the book is a sensational page turner. Barring those general scenarios, your book will probably not go very far with an agent.

Vanity Press Publishing Option

Then there are the large Vanity Presses who often do a great job, but the cost of their service can really climb. In my experience, the add-ons and hosting fees skyrockets the cost, making it difficult to recoup your investment in a timely fashion. For those living outside of the United States, keeping publishing costs low is a huge concern. Having to add import fees to your books and then resell is another factor to consider.

Self-Publishing, How Independent Authors Get Published

The number of self-published authors is rapidly growing. Writers are seeing how easy it is to finally get published. These independent authors often produce consistent quantities of books on a regular basis. They subcontract their formatting, editing, cover design and so forth to others. Some go as far as hiring ghost writers to pen their ideas. This allows them to produce a steady flow of books per month.

So as you can see, there are several ways to get your book published. The good news is you can do so without breaking the bank. By getting started with self-publishing, you position yourself for agents as well as mainstream publishers, and movie producers to see you.

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