Keeping Yourself Motivated To Write

Motivated to Write

How to Keep Yourself Motivated

You may have felt an urge to write and then it fizzles out leaving you wondering if writing is really for you. Most authors need to be motivated to write at some point. That doesn't mean you should have a personal cheer leading squad, motivating you every step of the way. The key is keeping yourself motivated. Because everyone has a unique style and functioning ability, you must determine what works best for you. As an author you need to find the best time to write and if necessary, do it in segments.

8 Tips To Keep Your Motivation Alight

  1. Ensure that you are writing on a subject matter that interests you.
  2. Reflect on why you began the project.
  3. Write within an allotted time.
  4. Set realistic goals for your writing.
  5. Write in places that motivate you.
  6. Avoid writing when you're feeling sluggish after a meal.
  7. Believe in yourself and speak positively about your work.
  8. Take a break from things that drain your motivation.

Writing Road Blocks

The road blocks that keep authors from writing are often influenced by how we feel. People sometimes feel a certain way because of their thoughts. So if your thought life is sending you the wrong message it is probably hijacking your progress. Decide to foster productive thoughts that will keep you on track.

Tools That Help You Stay Motivated to Write

One of the things that can frustrate a writer is not having the proper writing tools on hand. While some people choose to type on their computers, there is still a very large segment of society that still hand writes their manuscripts. If that works for you, embrace your strengths, having your manuscript typed is not a big deal. There are others who are talkers and flow with the gift of gab, the voice recorder is a worthy tool for you. Once you have recorded your book you can have it transcribed for publishing. 

Your smart phone may be your greatest tool to help you write when your motivation is at its peak. This device is great for typing, as well as using its audio recording setting to help you maximize your time away from your computer. Another handy tool is an iPad or any other portable gadget that frees you to write when the time is right. By maximizing your writing opportunities, you will find yourself increasing the time you are motivated to write.

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