Teri M. Bethel

Author, Teri M. Bethel was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. Although an Interior Designer by profession, she is a Textile Artist, Handbag Designer as well as a texture painting and purse making instructor. Additionally, Mrs. Bethel is a  book publisher who enjoys helping writers to produce first quality books and ebooks for sale on Amazon as well as brick and mortar stores. She loves writing and is the author of several empowering fiction as well as non-fiction books for adults and children. Both in daily living and in her books, Mrs. Bethel seeks to encourage and empower people to be the best they can be.

Mrs. Bethel  is passionate about her relationship with the Lord and believes His completely contagious love is the key to transforming lives. She and her husband Tellis have served in various aspects of ministry including Marriage, Youth, and Women’s Ministry. Mrs. Bethel believes in the full gospel of the kingdom which includes signs and wonders. 

Teri M. Bethel is the wife of Tellis A. Bethel. The couple has two sons, Tate and Tellis Jr. Click here to see Teri's Q & A Interview.

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