I Want To Write A Book, Where Do I Start?

Ready to format your book?

You May Have What You Need To Write A Book

Many writers, especially bloggers, want to write a book. Quite often the seed of what they want is staring them in the face. We tend to reach for the things that are distant, instead of using what we have in front of us. Chances are, it’s what you’ve been passionate about writing all along. Now it’s a matter of compiling those gazillion articles, poems or short stories etc. Place them in an orderly fashion and determining which ones you wish to use first. As you put your writings together, you may need to tweak them a bit, but that’s the beauty of the computer. You can type, save and delete to your hearts content.

Jot Your Notes Down As You Write A Book 

For folks who do not have articles or materials to rely on, then there is obviously something driving that gut feeling of wanting to write a book. Keep a note pad, or your phone nearby for when your ideas begin to unfold. Write or record them, just don’t let that great thought fall to the ground and die. Don’t be afraid to daydream—that’s a great way to see the content of your book before it hits the pages. As you see it, write it—though by the time you do write, it can develop beyond your initial thoughts as it begins to take on a life of its own. Writing begins with a word, then a sentence and soon you will have a series of paragraphs you can call a chapter. The key is getting started.

Readers Can Make Great Writers

Some writers believe that great writing begins with reading. Reading the kind of book you want to write will help to develop your thinking pattern and writing style. One thing you should take into consideration is what you are writing about. A book that is limited to your viewpoint or knowledge base, is a limited book. Research your subject matter as well as what questions people are asking. My husband, Tellis A. Bethel does a phenomenal job with his historical research. In doing so he presents several scholarly viewpoints in his books.

You won’t agree with everything you read in your research, but it is a great way to address some of the questions your readers may have. If you can write to fill a positive need then you are already one step ahead of the game. Now that you see how easy it is, it’s time for you to write a book.

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