Writing Your Blurb

Writing your blurb

The Importance Of Compelling Back Cover Matter-


Now that you have completed your manuscript, and had your book edited, its time to start writing a blurb.  Your blurb is the most compelling tool you have to draw customers to your book apart from an engaging front cover. The blurb is brief summation of your book that entices the reader to want to read more. Generally speaking, the book blurb is a few paragraphs written to hook the reader and convert them to loyal readers.  

Your blurb should present an outline of the first few chapters. What you leave out when writing your blurb is almost as important as what you put in. You want to entice your readers, not inform them of the entire story line of your novel. With non-fiction books however, having a bulleted list of what readers can expect to receive from the book is a great tool.

Get Creative When Writing Your Blurb

Attempting to capture an entire story-line into a punchy summary is a task many authors  find daunting. Some would try to avoid this task by relying on reviews to take its place. In trying to write a great blurb, avoid giving away too much of your book’s story line. Writing your blurb is a developed skill that needs to be refined. It is worth your while to spend quality time developing this ability.

Allow your creative juices to flow. Don't be afraid of writing and then re-writing your blurb. Maintain the tone that you wrote your manuscript in. If you wrote in a casual, conversational tone, then stay with it. If your tone was a scholarly one, maintain that. The bottom line is knowing your content, knowing your voice, then adding the story line of your blurb. For books that will be available online, or marketed online, the search engine optimization is a key element needed to write an effective blurb.


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