Books not selling?

Book Not Selling? – 8 Possible Reasons Why

Why Isn’t My Book Selling? When your book selling is not as active as you would like it, its time to ask yourself some tough questions particularly if it is an ongoing issue. Nevertheless stunted sales is not limited to newbie authors, many established authors encounter the same challenge from time to time. Here are a few questions with possible solutions for consideration: Is my book covering a topic that interests many people? Your niche may be
Book Consignment

Consignment – I’m Not Getting Paid for My Books

Consignment Payments- Have you not received a payment for the books you placed on consignment?  Your concern may be valid but it should be looked into before drawing conclusions. The first thing you should do is to visit the store in question to take a quick inventory. After all, you have a vested interest in the sale of your books. You can make a call to the vendor, but chances are you won’t be satisfied unless you see the
amazon check

My Book is Selling, Where’s My Amazon Check?

Is Amazon Withholding My Check? I hear this quite a bit. Everyone thinks their book is a winner and should be driving in oodles of money, but its not always so. The first thought is, “Is Amazon withholding my check?” Quite often they’re not. I’ve heard quite a few sad theories about how Amazon is getting wealthy off of a particular authors books. They claim the funds are not being passed on to them. How
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Writing Your Author Bio

The Significance Of Your Author Bio Your bio as a published author is very important as it communicates to your potential readers who you are. It is essentially your introduction to your books. You will need to consider what it is you want your readers to remember about you when they hear your name or come across your books. Write in a conversational tone, it will help your readers to connect with you. Guidelines For Writing Your
Inspire publishing - How to prepare a manuscript for publishing

How To Prepare A Manuscript For Publishing

  Publishing Guidelines You’ve poured your heart out and have come up with what you believe is a remarkable book. This is a tremendous achievement for writers. Many people write their books without knowing how to prepare a manuscript for publishing. They get creative and have a blast adding a lot of decorative matter to the page which is not helpful to the publisher. In fact, publishers won’t accept the manuscript unless it follows  specific

Book Blurb For Search Engine Optimization

Writing Your Blurb For Search Engine Optimization - When writing your book blurb for search engine optimization have enough of your content to tantalize and draw your readers. Avoid giving a blow-by-blow of your story. In other words, leave out all leanings towards spoilers. Including reviews and testimonials in a blurb for a non-fiction book is acceptable, however, it should not be the sum total of your blurb. By not writing a compelling blurb, many authors as
Writing your blurb

Writing Your Blurb

The Importance Of Compelling Back Cover Matter-   Now that you have completed your manuscript, and had your book edited, its time to start writing a blurb.  Your blurb is the most compelling tool you have to draw customers to your book apart from an engaging front cover. The blurb is brief summation of your book that entices the reader to want to read more. Generally speaking, the book blurb is a few paragraphs written to hook the
Is Manuscript Editing Necessary?

Manuscript Editing – Is Spell Check Good Enough?

  Is Manuscript Editing Necessary? A question often asked is whether or not professional manuscript editing is necessary for book publishing. The answer is quite simple—yes! Even the best authors need an editor. For a book to be taken seriously, it should be professionally edited. Your gift may be story telling or you may be brilliant at sharing trade secrets, but if the content is garbled, then you have lessened the impact of your work. A skilled editor

Keeping Yourself Motivated To Write

How to Keep Yourself Motivated You may have felt an urge to write and then it fizzles out leaving you wondering if writing is really for you. Most authors need to be motivated to write at some point. That doesn't mean you should have a personal cheer leading squad, motivating you every step of the way. The key is keeping yourself motivated. Because everyone has a unique style and functioning ability, you must determine what works
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Write Better Books…Not Just Bigger Books

Focus On Quality, Not Size- Bigger books are not necessarily better books. A good writer focuses on quality, yet employs their smarts when determining the size of their masterpiece. Many first time authors want to strike gold with their first book. In their minds they see themselves authoring a massive 500 page book. This is a sure way to overwhelm yourself. Begin with moderate size books—something that won’t stress you out or take you ten
How to get your book published

How To Get Your Book Published

There is no single way to get your book published, fortunately, writers have publishing options. A writers dream is to have their manuscript picked up by a traditional publishing house. When this happens they can receive a fabulous book deal or even a movie contract. This is really a dream come true. However, it is not generally the norm, unless you are already a well-known, fabulous writer. Literary Agents Can Get Your Book Published There are of
Ready to format your book?

I Want To Write A Book, Where Do I Start?

You May Have What You Need To Write A Book Many writers, especially bloggers, want to write a book. Quite often the seed of what they want is staring them in the face. We tend to reach for the things that are distant, instead of using what we have in front of us. Chances are, it’s what you’ve been passionate about writing all along. Now it’s a matter of compiling those gazillion articles, poems or short