Dr. Harold Munnings Jr. Author

Dr. Harold Munnings

Dr. Harold Munnings is the published author of three books on medical history. The first, Princess Margaret Hospital: The Story of a Bahamian Institution holds previously unpublished details on Princess Margaret’s 1954-55 tour of the West Indies and on the Yarmouth Castle Disaster and has become an established local reference. His second book, Bellyache: A History of Gastroenterology in The Bahamas (out of print but available free online) expands on his first book with details on the evolution of his specialty. His latest book, Healthcare in The Bahamas chronicles the development of healthcare outside of the hospital, which is where most healing happens.  Dr. Munnings has also written a memoir, Westward: The Walk of a Bahamian Doctor. The Toastmasters Association and the Medical Association of The Bahamas have cited him for leadership in communication and for his achievements in the preservation of Bahamian health history. In 2015 he was nominated a Bahamian Icon in healthcare.

Dr. Munnings is a gastroenterologist who practices in Nassau. Click on the links to preview or purchase copies of Dr. Munnings books or secure a copy from The Linen Shop on Bay Street.