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With the boundless, innovative technology available for authors today, there is no reason why your paper back book can not be published and lining the shelves of your favorite book store within a month of submitting your final manuscript. We take the hassle out of publishing for you and present you with a professional book you would be proud to call your own. A free high resolution graphic of your book is also included for your marketing purposes. We'll get you selling your book on Amazon and receiving direct payments for all books sold without the middleman. Now you can order your books directly and slash your book costs in half.

Package 1 (up to 300 pages): Paperback only $595.00

Package 2 (up to 150 pages): Paperback & eBook $795.00

Package 3 (151 to 350 pages): Paperback & eBook $850.00


Let Inspire Publishing format your eBook for you. There are millions of people around the word with access to the internet, why not make your book available to them today? Simply email us your manuscript along with your cover image, and we will format and publish it for you in full color or black and white. To help you market your book, we will provide you with a virtual ebook image of your book on a device, for a winning, professional impression. An account will be established for you to ensure that you receive payment for your books directly. No more waiting on publishers to cut you a check and no shared royalties, as an independent author you can produce as many books, as often as you like.

Up to 150 pages - $375.00 (5 photos/images included)

151 - 300 pages - $475.00 (10 photos/images included)

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