Do you list books from all Bahamian authors?We accept books we deem family friendly. That means the book should be free from profanity/cussing, horror, murder, blood & gore, promoting unnatural lifestyles, witchcraft, occult practices, slander etc.How do I submit my information?
Send us a request here.
How long does the formatting take?Depending on the length of your book, it can be formatted within 14 days.How long does it take to be a published Kindle author?Once the formatting is complete you can publish an ebook on Kindle to make your work available for sale on Amazon.com within 24 hours of setting up.How long does self-publishing a print book take? The time depends on the length of your book etc. It is safe to say that your print book can take about 30 days or less to be published and ready to order.Must I have my book edited?It is highly recommended that you have your book edited.Can I preview my book?Absolutely. We will email you a copy of your formatted manuscript for your review prior to printing.Can I get a proof copy of my book before I place an order?Yes, if you have selected our "Upload" package a proof can be ordered at a nominal fee. The cost can be determined when the formatting is complete and you have a firm count of your pages.Do I keep the rights to my book?Yes, the book manuscript will remain your work and will always remain in your name and ownership.How many books do I have to purchase?You don’t have to purchase any books to get published. You order whenever you want to.Is my book automatically listed on Amazon.com?Your Kindle book is automatically listed on Amazon.com but you can choose whether or not to list the paperback book. Your book may remain private or be very visible; the choice is yours.How is the cost of my book determined?The base cost of your book is determined by the amount of pages it has. The retail price is determined by you and is registered by CreateSpace. You can change your prices at any time.Who do I pay for copies of my book?When ordering your books you will pay CreateSpace directly.How can I begin the publishing process?Let us know your interest and we will email the guidelines to you. Once we have invoiced your service fee and your document is sent we will schedule your project.Can we have a face to face meeting to discuss my book project?Yes we can. However, as it is not necessary to proceed as the publishing process is digital. If you still wish to meet, there is a consultation fee of $100.00 per hour which will be deducted from the publishing cost.